About Us

At HD Pro Plumbing, we draw on a diverse portfolio of projects spanning residential and commercial builds in Sydney. Specialising in high-end residential new construction and renovations, our company was founded by brothers Henry and Damien, driven by a shared passion to redefine plumbing standards in Sydney.

Beyond being brothers, Henry and Damien share an appetite for tackling challenging builds with a distinctive approach that defies convention. With experience ranging from managing multi-story high-rises to luxury high-end homes, we meticulously attend to every detail. We have crafted a process to ensure skilled craftsmanship is carried through every project, as well as ensuring either Henry or Damien leads on site from start to finish.

Our team is known for our fun and friendly culture, dedication to top quality, and we are committed to delivering projects on time. At HD Pro Plumbing we value honesty, transparent communication, and a straightforward quotation process. Choosing to partner with us guarantees the highest level of quality for your projects, the foundation upon which we’ve built our reputation.

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